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Discount Labels 2018 Catalog is Available: 10 reasons to check it out

New year…new catalog…new products and reasons to check out Discount Labels’ 2018 catalog:

  1. New thermal label line featuring blank direct and transfer thermal labels. These high-performance, high-value, smudge-and-fade-resistant stock thermal labels come in permanent adhesive on rolls or fanfold—with warehouse/shipping applications, consecutive barcode/consecutive number label printing applications.
  2. Expanded AnyShape® product line with its own tabbed section and detailed pricing. Features and benefits include laser technology for creative freedom and unlimited shape options with no custom dies or setup charges; repositionable options; extended durability/weatherproof choices; and free lamination. Each of four AnyShape® product offerings has its own page with expanded pricing information--Quick Ship Labels (1x2” up to 26 square inches); Process Color Labels (can be laminated at no extra charge); Durable Decals (can withstand weather and sun up to four years); and Weatherproof Labels (can endure for up to 1-1 ½ years).
  3. “Enhanced eye engagement,” also known as sleeker and more aesthetically-pleasing look and feel, makes this catalog entertaining as well as educational.
  4. Easier access to product sections makes searching the catalog more convenient, saving time and minimizing effort.
  5. Everything in Discount Labels’ one-stop shop is featured in the catalog, including a huge selection of custom labels, promotional products, custom stamps, embossers, packing and banner tape, business cards, magnets, and stock mailing labels.
  6. Unbranded, retail-oriented pricing and ability to personalize via the online version enhance the custom catalog feel and facilitate information-sharing with customers.
  7. Conversation-starting, brainstorming, and sales-conversion abilities extend to customers and prospects. Use upcoming holidays, celebrations, and seasonal events as opportunities to “prime the pump” for new orders and serve as a robust reminder tool.
  8. This catalog is universally relevant to industries and companies, given that labels are involved in about 95% of all company projects. Primary industries include health care, automotive, retail, food & beverage, education & athletics, service industries, and political campaigns/programs.
  9. Coupled with an upcoming new Discount Labels website featuring a leading-edge e-commerce platform, the catalog offers a complete, reliable, and user-friendly system to deliver everything from information to orders.

Using the catalog for an order by March 31, 2018 makes it eligible for a 10% discount, a welcome New Year addition to Discount Labels’ already affordable pricing. Use promo code 2018CATALOG at