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Home Run: Discount Labels Employee and Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Will Soon Have A Forever Home

For the last few years, Discount Labels Trade Show Coordinator Marie Miller has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity with her church. Founded in 1976,

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Our new Domino N610i: up and running, running, and running

As America’s largest trade-only quick-turn label printer, Discount Labels already handles up to 1,600 unique print jobs per day in its New Albany,

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Making Sustainability Stick: Discount Labels works to preserve the planet.

You just got a request to bid 40,000 4-color paper labels on a 48-hour turnaround. It’s safe to say trees may not be the first things on your

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Don’t be robbed of a major sales opportunity: See how our Security Labels can secure more profits for you.

You may be so used to seeing them you hardly notice them, but if you’ve ever tried to remove a security label, you know they’re here to stay.Over the

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Discount Labels Invests in 7th ABG Digicon Finisher

There are one thousand AB Graphic International, Inc. (ABG) Digicon Finishers installed worldwide, and Discount Labels now owns and operates seven of

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Discount Labels Offers FREE Marketing Tools to Help You Generate Customer Interest & Sales

From unbranded catalogs and brochures to educational presentations, training and videos, Discount Labels wants you to take full advantage of ways to

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Surefire Label-Selling Strategies

Whether or not you proactively sell to customers or await their orders, there’s always room for improvement. Both too much and too little prodding can

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Heating Things Up!

Discount Labels Now Offers Stock Blank Thermal LabelsDiscount Labels now offers Stock High-performance Blank Thermal Labels available to you in

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Discount Labels 2018 Catalog is Available: 10 reasons to check it out

New year…new catalog…new products and reasons to check out Discount Labels’ 2018 catalog: New thermal label line featuring blank direct and transfer

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Custom Stamps Are The Perfect Dater For 2018

Put Your Stamp On A New YearWere you one of those kids who stamped everything in sight with a stamp set? Well, the tradition continues. Why write the

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