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Welcome to the Discount Labels Blog!

Win the shirt off Peyton Manning’s back and other prizes in Discount Labels pro football contest

Football is back! Enter the Discount Labels Pro Football Experts Club for a chance to win weekly prizes and a signed Peyton Manning jersey!

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Never, Never, Never give up learning

Continue learning with Discount Labels. Read the Discount Labels blog, read the trades and never stop learning.

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Outsourcing beats overbuying for cost-effectiveness

Partner with Discount Labels, your custom label outsourcing partner.

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Company picnic celebrates 51st year of accomplishments and the employees who make it happen

Discount Labels is celebrating 51 years of making low cost, high quality custom labels, custom stickers and more for our customers. Find out more today!

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Tape it, Paper it, Talk it with political promotional products

Promote a candidate with political promotional products like custom political magnets and custom printed tape from Discount Labels.

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Quick ship lapel stickers, address labels, ‘I voted’ stickers…oh my!

Order quick ship lapel stickers, address labels and I voted for stickers from the political sticker specialists, Discount Labels.

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AnyShape® labels make short work of political labels

Use Discount Labels and our full color AnyShape labels to produce political labels, political bumper stickers and decals today.

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‘Honk if you’re hungry’ Retail Bumper stickers capture captive audience

Find out how customized bumper stickers from Discount Labels can be leveraged for restaurants, wineries, brewers and retail stores.

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Are you for or against nug control? Political bumper ‘sticker shock’ prompts second looks

Find out how customized political bumper stickers from Discount Labels can be sold leading up to the presidential election.

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Bumper stickers: portable billboards that fit nearly everywhere

Find out how customized bumper stickers from Discount Labels can be sold to schools to support athletic teams and more.

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