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Welcome to the Discount Labels Blog!

From ‘Make love not war’ to ‘My other car is an Uber’: Times have changed, but bumper stickers rock on

Order wholesale customized bumper stickers from Discount Labels, the premier wholesale custom label specialist.

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Why It’s an Exciting Time to Sell Wine Labels

Discount Labels, a premier custom label printer, offers wine bottle label printing tips, wine bottle label design advice and much more. Order custom wine bottle labels from us today.

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Custom Label Options for Parking Permits

Sell customized parking permits to schools, universities, hospitals and businesses with Discount Labels. We offer custom label solutions for parking permits.

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Custom Labels for Summer Foods & Brews

Use Discount Labels for any custom food and drink label needs. We offer a wide array of custom label solutions.

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National Super Hero Day – Custom Labels from Discount Labels

Celebrate National Super Hero Day by being a super hero for your clients. Save the day by offering your clients a wide array of custom label solutions for their business.

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Don’t be Cautious about Selling Custom Printed Barricade Tape

Order customized barricade tape from the label and tape specialists, Discount Labels. We offer a multitude of custom printed barricade tape options for your business, all printed on weatherproof polyethylene material.

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Reordering from, Easy as 1,2,3…

Discount Labels make the reordering of customized labels easy. Follow the steps outlined here to make the reordering process a snap!

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Get Ready for Spring with Process Color Labels

Freshen up your product labels with Discount Labels process color labels. There is no better way to change your product labels in time for Spring than using vibrant process color labels for your products!

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Discount Labels Catalog – Selling Labels Made Easy

Find the Discount Labels catalog today. Offer a wide range of labels to your clients with our easy to use label catalog, available in print and digital formats.

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What’s New for Discount Labels in 2016?

Find out what Discount Labels can do for your business. We have many new product offerings in 2016. Call us today or visit for more information.

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