Bar Codes / Variable Data Printing

These Barcodes Are Designed to Scan

We can print your design plus a barcode or leave a space for on-site coding.

Here's what you get:

  • Nearly Any Stock, Any Size Label can be barcoded and/or custom printed in up to seven colors. The key to scanability is high-contrast, accurate printing and flawless stock.
  • 2d, Static and Consecutive barcodes are available and we can supply printed or blank stock for on-site bar coding. Static UPC coding may be added at no charge. Note: All consecutive barcoding is priced on a per-job basis. Please ask for a quote.
  • Human-readable numbers will be printed unless otherwise specified. Include previously printed barcode if available. GS1 US ( will provide the manufacturer with system number and manufacturer ID number for all UPC barcodes.
  • Consult your scanner dealer for answers to specific questions. The barcode symbology you need will be determined by your scanner and application.

Don't See What You Need? Please Ask!
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